Back from Haitus

The title sums up this post. I'm glad to be back updating Scribble and Wander after a very long time. After June 2016, I have been p...

Scribble and Wander Back from Haitus

The title sums up this post. I'm glad to be back updating Scribble and Wander after a very long time. After June 2016, I have been preoccupied with a lot of things and decisions regarding balancing my life and work. So I will elaborate all of the reasons why I was not able (or did not feel like adding) to add a new content. This will be more of like my life update.

Confident enough to try freelancing (again)

Traffic is monstrous in Cebu, especially during the start of classes, so I decided to quit my job! I don't like mingling with the crowd every single day. It drains me! All the more when there is a crowd of people trying to get to public transportation. That's not the only reason why I quit my job. For the past few weeks, before I passed my resignation letter, I had the strong desire to try out freelancing again. 3 years ago I quit a job to work as a freelancer and get my own clients. I lacked confidence back then and it never really worked out. After almost 2 months, I went back looking for work again. This time, though, I felt like I was ready! I was more confident than I was before. I gave myself a deadline of 3 months. If I still am a wreck after 3 months, the freelance life may not be for me.

Today is November, and I'm killing it! During June and July, I depended on a friend for projects, but when August started, I decided to find clients of my own and ended up finding great people to work with.

Note to self: Do a separate post about life as a Freelancer. Or anything related about freelancing.

From a Day Person to a Night Person

I always thought I was a day person, because working during the day made me feel energetic. Now I'm at home, there are too many distractions during the day! But when everyone's asleep, I felt more productive and was finish more work. Now I sleep around 3am and my day starts around lunch time.

Direction for Scribble and Wander

Originally, I want this blog to be able my travel musings and reviews of places I have explored and food I have discovered. I even created a separate blog to add posts which are not related to food, travel or lifestyle. Breathe and Ponder would've been my blog about minimalism and psychology, but I felt like managing two different blogs is somewhat exhausting for now. Partly because I don't see myself as a "writer" or a "blogger". I'm just writing down everything I want my 50-year-old self  to remember in the future. To hell with grammar and essay construction! I'm not paid to do this. Nor do I want to get paid to do this.

My new goal for Scribble and Wander is just to post anything and everything that I want to share! Be it events I have pondered about or thoughts and notions I find perplexing. There will still be posts about my Travels and luxurious food hunts, but I have to face the reality...I can't afford those (for the mean time).

I do have something scheduled for this November, so expect some Travel post about it by December. I'm really excited to share this because it's somewhere I always wanted to go to! #TravelGoals

Note to self: Write posts about November's trip. :3

That's about it!

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