2 days in Bohol

When thinking of Bohol, I can see two things only: Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, the smallest primate on Earth. These two have been repea...

When thinking of Bohol, I can see two things only: Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, the smallest primate on Earth. These two have been repeatedly shoved into my brain during classes when I was younger. After visiting Mt. Pinatubo last year, I'm pretty happy going to places which were only pictures in textbooks.

Bohol is a very small island with few major tourist attractions that can be traveled in one day only. You could go around the island to visit these places or just head over to their white sand beaches which most foreigners like. Our two days was split for these two agendas. Social Studies Field Trip and a Beach Getaway.

Now the best way to travel around, as a group, in Bohol is hire a van. The driver will be waiting for you at the pier. It's best if you will inform them about your arrival time, when you are already on route to Bohol island and when you arrive. I get a little bit OC with stuff like these.

We arrived in Bohol from Cebu around 9am and decided we should do the tour first before going to our hotel to leave our stuff. Besides, we only have a backpack with clothes for a 2-day trip. Our van still has a big space for our things. Starting your day in Bohol should be invested on touring destinations, especially if you accommodation for the night is pretty far from the pier or any tourist destination on your itinerary.

Pouring out all information and thoughts about all the places in one single post makes me feel really uncomfortable. I might get the feeling I need to be short and direct with what I write or end up with a long post. Writing a long post drains me out completely.  I've decided to make a separate post for each destination, including the sweet little Inn we stayed for the night.

Long River Cruise Floating Resto Restaurant

The amazing and non-amazing thing about eating your lunch while cruising in the Loboc river accompanied with some side entertainments.

Chocolate Hills

What you Googled might be a bit different from what you will see. A few helpful tips before heading off to get a good view of the scenery.

Butterfly Farm

The entertaining tour around the small Butterfly farm. The scenic little garden. Why it can be disappointing on a rainy day.

Man-made Forest

A very life threatening place to get that decent group jump and solo squat photo on the road.

Tarsier Conservation

A crowded place for a small number of tarsiers with their bodyguards. If I were a tarsier here, I'd feel pretty much like a free prisoner.

Hanging Bridge

That long bridge made from bamboo. Wobbly knees will make you end up swimming in the river.

Acacia Sunset Valley Inn

Affordable room for which can fit more than 10 people and sleep comfortable at night! With a pool for anyone in the Inn.

Alona Beach

White sand beach populated with commercial establishments for different nationalities like Mexican, Korean, Thai, American, etc.

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