Eat and drink all you can at YakiMix Cebu

Because it's a Friday and we had our eyes on this restaurant ever since it opened, L and I decided to try out Yakimix, another restau...

Because it's a Friday and we had our eyes on this restaurant ever since it opened, L and I decided to try out Yakimix, another restaurant where you grill your own food. Aside from grilling meat and seafood, they also have some Korean and Japanese cuisines! Not much Filipino food there, though and people from different races tend to dine in here. When we went there a few hours ago, we were listed as the 8th reservation.

Price, Schedule and Promo

Like most buffets, they have and a different rate for lunch and dinner. Mondays to Friday's Lunch is priced at Php 499 while Dinner is Php 599 ( as of May 20,2016 ). Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays have a fixed rate of Php 599 for both Lunch and Dinner. Children below 3 feet can dine in for FREE, while the other kids that are 3 feet to 4 feet are charged Php 299.

Food displayed are different during Lunch and Dinner time. Lunch is from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM while dinner if from 5:30 PM up until 11:00 PM.

They have a special promo if you dine in with 3 guests 7 days after or before your birthday. That also includes your exact birthday. The birthday celebrant gets to dine in FREE, but the 3 guests dining with the celebrant must pay the regular rate per person. Yes, the staff does serenade the birthday celebrant while dining and he/she gets a free slice of cake.

The Buffet Counter

On the Left side of the picture,  near the chefs, Japanese cuisines are displayed. Lots of Miso Soup, different kinds of sushi and sashimi, a tray of really delicious takoyaki and a couple of other food I am not familiar with.

The center counter displays a few Korean cuisine on the left portion and the right portion has all the raw meat and seafood for grilling. On the farther end of the picture, the deserts are displayed.

Other candies, dessert, coffee and veggie salads are displayed on the counter at the right side of the photo above.

For the bottomless drinks, they're actually just behind me while taking this photograph. They offer juices like grapefruit, strawberry, and ice tea, and soft drinks as well.

One bite at a time

What I really love doing in a buffet is take only one piece of each food. If my plate is already full, I head over to our table and eat everything before heading over for round 2 with different set of food items. The Fried Mixican (that sounds weird) Hot Dog was the first food I took. I remember feeling satisfied with how the thickness of the meat compliments the condiments on top of it. I didn't try the pizza because eating it might fill up my stomach immediately. Avoid carbs during buffets as much as possible to avoid bloating.

The two siomai on the picture above are just the perfect texture I want for it. Soft and really juicy if you pinch it. It has its own flavor which no longer needs a chilli sauce. The chilli sauce is also good which doesn't feel too oily after eating it.

Their takoyaki is one of my favorite food in the buffet. It doesn't taste like ordinary takoyaki served in the mall. You can feel the other ingredients inside it especially the squid. It's big enough for a good bite and I would love to have more of these, but maybe next time. I still have to make room in my stomach for other food displayed. Especially the desserts, which can really make me full easily.

Dislaying their sushi in a fancy wooden boat and arranging the ginger to make it look like a flower in the middle was kinda cute.

Lots of meat and seafood ready for grilling. True enough there isn't much smoke emitted while grilling making this restaurant a bit healthy on the lungs.

And of course, a buffet in the Philippines will never be complete without the usual Make your own halo-halo, one of the favorite desserts during summer. Unlimited scoops of strawberry, vanilla and mango ice cream are found on the left portion.

There's a decent amount of cakes, pastries and puddings in the dessert counter. As a person who is really into chocolates, I fell inlove with the Black Sambo, a chocolate pudding that has a warm dark choco after taste that instantly pops into your mouth when you eat it. It slowly disappears too.

Will I come back again?

Definitely, but I think I'll try dining here during lunch to see what other food they have on display. The environment was a bit sophisticated, but not quite. The staff are attentive to the customers needs. The rest rooms needs a bit of attention, though. With all those tissues on the floor, I'm not even sure if people who dine in there know how to clean after themselves. Good thing the wall and floor were in black tiles.

I love buffets and after trying YakiMix, I can say this is the best place to try out Japanese and Korean food, especially their BBQ. It's affordable and you get bottomless drinks. Not all eat all you can restaurants offer that!

How to get there

From Colon, ride any jeepney heading towards Ayala. Usually, it's a 14D. If you are somewhere near Land Bank, walk towards Jollibee near St. Rosario Church and ride a 17D or 17B.

From Ayala, go to the terminal and take a 14D or 12L jeepney.

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