Hi, I'm Kay! I just became hooked with calligraphy, eating out, living a minimalist lifestyle and traveling.

Blogging is not new to me since I first started blogging in 2008, but I wasn't keen on filling it up. For me, it was just another virtual diary filled with teenage angst. It never occurred to me to make it more like a way of sharing interest finds (be it food or places) to anyone out there. Just last year, social media became filled with young adults off to adventures in the mountains or going on group tours with their friends. It influenced me a bit and I began wandering off with a couple of my friends. This is when I began doing research about  the places we were heading. Often times my research lead me to blogs of people who visited those places. It made me realize how important it was to devote myself to a blog with a variety of topics.

Scribble and Wander will be my virtual playground for writing about food, travels, new hobbies, minimalism and practically anything not related to my work.


I work as a freelance UI/UX Designer. Sometimes I work with brand agencies in creating engaging social media graphics. Portfolio  Dribbble

Wish me luck on this blog! Let's do this, Kay! (I talk in third person sometimes)

If you want to reach out to me, send me a message at scribbleandwander@gmail.com.


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