Temple of Leah

"I constructed this temple in the year 2012 A.D. as a symbol of my undying love for and ceaseless devotion to Leah Villa Albino...

"I constructed this temple in the year 2012 A.D. as a symbol of my undying love for and ceaseless devotion to Leah Villa Albino-Adarna, my wife of 53 years. I adopted an architectural and structural design that can withstand time and still be appreciated for a millennium so this Temple will become a landmark of Cebu where future generations of the Adarna clan coming from her can come and trace their roots and heritage. All her lifetime collections are showcased in the 24 chambers of this Temple principally for the members of our family who cherish her memory.

May this Temple serve as a symbol of a great love of a husband to his very loving wife."

- Teodorico S. Adarna

No, Leah is not a Goddess or some sort of Divine Being of the Philippine Culture, but to one man, she is.

The idea of building something like this for a deceased loved one had always been amazing for me as a kid. Ever since I heard about the Taj Mahal, I always considered it as the greatest way of showing your devotion to someone. But as I grew up, it wasn't such a big deal for me. They had a huge amount of income to do something as big as this. It's not much effort for some. Nevertheless, I'm still happy the Adarna family built this place. It will serve as a new tourist attraction for some, and a place where their clan can gather in the years ahead. The Temple wasn't just for Leah, it was for the whole Adarna clan.

I love visiting Temple of Leah from time to time to see what had been worked on from time to time. The Adarna family started building this temple last 2012, but it's still under construction up to now. The 24 chambers are currently being built under the temple, so you really won't expect from it for now. Maybe after a year or two, I'll come back to check it out. I'm excited to see what collections they place on exhibit.

Things to do in Temple of Leah

There really isn't much to do there except for taking fun shots with friends, meditation or just people watching. I personally just love to watch Cebu City from the top and check out the new wall carvings they did as time pass by. The Temple is still under construction. Some say Ellen Adarna usually go there to do some yoga.

You can take your prenup shots or do some indie film (for a fee starting from Php 2,500 for a couple of hours). When we went there, a couple of people were shooting for some sort of film. Some of the cast were wearing anime costumes, others were wearing something that looked like a fairy, princess or queen. Not really sure what movie genre I'm seeing, but it was really nice to watch something like that. You get to see movie bloopers in person.

How to get there

As of May 2016, The Temple of Leah offers a shuttle service from JY Square for a fee of Php 150 per head, but if that is too much for you, you can always choose to hire a motorbike from JY Mall. Motorbike drivers charge Php 100 (for 1 person or Php 50 each for two people) if you go to Tops, and Php 75 (per head for two people) if you say you want to go to Temple of Leah. They will reason out because it's far, but it really isn't far. It will only take a few minutes of walking if you start from the entrance of Tops. Be warned, though, the way to the top is a bit steep and if you are someone like me who doesn't have enough stamina for taking the stairs, make sure you have some break and some water from time to time.

What to bring and the Entrance Fee

Temple of Leah can get a bit chilly sometimes, but not always. It's hot around noon and earlier in the afternoon, and the only shelter available is the Temple. No trees on the ground. There are a few stores and Carenderias outside the Temple if you decide to chill out and buy some drinks. They might be a bit expensive, so if you really want to save some cash, bring a liter of water and some snacks. Put on some sunblock because the sun's heat can be pretty painful. Binoculars is a nice to have if you want to have a closer view of Cebu from the top. Entrance fee is Php 50 per head.

Warnings to families with minors

Nude statues everywhere! Families with minors, it's your choice if you want to bring your kids here or not, but be warned. Although there are no sexual images around, almost all of the statues are literally exposed. A male statue, which is still under construction, has been given an aroused... You get the idea.

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