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I've been wanting to write about the things I always have inside my bag ever since our Design team at work discussed it for our comp...

I've been wanting to write about the things I always have inside my bag ever since our Design team at work discussed it for our company newsletter. We haven't got much time on this due to our busy schedule with other projects, so I decided to write about here on my new blog.

Some girls have a lot more items inside their bag than what I currently have. I usually change bags depending on my outfit and where I'm going, so I keep only important stuff. Now, before going over what I have inside my bag, let me describe what type of person I am. I'm trying to be a minimalist, keeping only the important stuff and letting go of other items that clutter my life. Makeup is not really my thing. Of course, few items to make me look a bit fresh is enough. My head is always active and trying to come up with awesome ideas for whatever reason, but I have a tendency to always forget about them. I love cats. I like to draw. Cebu is very hot during summer. The sun will burn your skin.

Let's get over to the items I have then.


On the top left portion of the photo, I have a little black Halo pouch for my ASUS Zenfone 2. Now you may also notice I also have a Samsung Corby at the right portion of the photo. In Cebu, snatchers are rampant. It's unwise to display your phone inside a public transportation. Snatchers might be waiting by the window of the jeepney (a public transportation) you are on. Pickpockets might be sitting beside you with their ice pick or gun ready. My Samsung Corby is my main phone which I use for most of my communication. It's lovely to use for emergency cases wherein I need to communicate with someone while taking public transportation. My ASUS phone, on the other hand, was something I purchased for my work. As a UI/UX Designer, I need to experience how Android apps work in order to create better designs for apps I will be working on in the future. This also functions as my main camera. Smartphones don't really have good battery life span unlike older phones, for cases when I really need to have my phone charged, my ASUS Powerbank will always be there. To keep my phone and glasses (I wear glasses) dirt free, I keep a small green towel for wiping. I also bring with me a SanDisk OTG Dual USB Drive where I keep files I needed to transfer from my Mac and PC to my ASUS Zenfone.


Not all women my age bring notebooks and a pen case, but for me, it's a must. My daily commute is almost 2 hours going to work. A lot of my time at public transportation is spent on thinking about random things. Sometimes a nice idea pops in my mind and I badly need to write it down lest it might be forgotten. A MUJI blank notebook is a perfect partner. My MUJI pen case holds a few writing materials. A mechanical pencil for sketches before I ink it out and an eraser. A Preppy Fountain Pen which I purchase from Scribe Writing Essentials at SM. A Dong-A Twin Permanent Marker for dark and heavy inking. A ZIG Drawing Pen for lovely lines. Just last year, I got hooked with Calligraphy and started getting back to drawing. This is also another reason why I began including a notebook and some pens on my everyday bag.

Makeup Stuff

I'm not sure if I could call these items as makeup, but they do a pretty decent job for making me look fresh whenever I need to. I guess almost all girls have these items inside their bag. First would be my Nichido Pressed Powder which feels smooth when applied. It doesn't have that powder feeling that makes you sneeze. The Nichido Black Water Proof Eyeliner is the only item I used for my eyes. A Nichido Juicy Lips Lip Stick for hiding my pale lips.  Maybe when I get more used to other makeup items, I'll add more into my everyday makeup stuff.


Every girl needs a comb, I purposely chose a colour that pops out from my black bag. If there were a glow in the dark comb, I'm going to buy one. An Alcohol to clean your hands when there is no water available. It's a must for me. An Umbrella that really blocks off the heat and makes me feel cooler during a hot day. Nice to have when it rains too. The weather is a bit unpredictable in the Philippines, might as well have an umbrella always. on the upper portion of the picture, I have my black purse which holds all my paper bills, ID, cards and receipts. I also keep a smaller purse for coins and easy access to money when stuck in a crowded area. This goes in a compartment in front of my bag where I can easily take it out without exposing my other items to sly hands from pickpockets.

There we go. All the items I always made sure are inside the bag I will be using for the day. Sometimes I bring a tissue or pieces of candy with me. Not everyday though. When I need to use a smaller bag, I drop all the stationary items, and keep a piece of paper an a pen ready instead. What do you guys have inside your bag?

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